Opioid Addiction WILL Ruin Your Life

By Harvey | Marijuana

Feb 04

One of the saddest commentaries about addiction to opioids is the fact that most folks have a choice about whether or not start down that road.  This is SERIOUS!

Opium is NOT a recreational drug!  It is a drug that should ONLY be used in extreme discomfort for medical reasons.

Here is a partial list of famous people who ruined their lives (by dying) of an opium overdose.

Sid Vicious
Kurt Cobain
River Phoenix
Jim Morrison
Janis Joplin
John Belushi
Chris Farley
Phillip Seymour Hoffman


You CANNOT control its effects on your life if you go down that road.  If you are even considering this, please watch this short movie and then make the correct decision.  YOUR life depends on it.

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