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Feb 07

Marijuana and Its Negative Effects Featured in Imprimis

By Harvey | Marijuana

Imprimis, the FREE publication made available by Hillsdale College has published a great article about Marijuana and its link to mental illness and violent crimes, in the January 2019 issue.  It is definitely worth your time reading and sharing. 

Here are just two quotes from the article by Alex Berenson, (author of Tell You Children the Truth about Marijuana Illness and Violence) that demonstrates just how far removed from the truth of the negative effects of marijuana and the marketing campaign that pot advocates are promoting really is.

"Some advocates go so far as to claim that legalization has reduced violent crime.  In a 2017 speech calling for the federal legalization, U.S. Senator Cory Booker said that 'states [that have legalized marijuana are seeing decreases in violent crime.'
He was wrong"

"But a mountain of peer-reviewed research in top medical journals shows that marijuana use can cause or worsen severe mental illness, especially psychosis, the medical term for a break from reality.  Teenagers who smoke marijuana regularly are about three times as likely to develop schizophrenia, the most devastating psychotic disorder."

We at ANEFCA encourage you to read the entire article.  

While you are there, you can also sign up to receive YOUR copy of Imprimis and download and print out the entire article to share with some "non-techy" friends.

Feb 04

Opioid Addiction WILL Ruin Your Life

By Harvey | Marijuana

One of the saddest commentaries about addiction to opioids is the fact that most folks have a choice about whether or not start down that road.  This is SERIOUS!

Opium is NOT a recreational drug!  It is a drug that should ONLY be used in extreme discomfort for medical reasons.

Here is a partial list of famous people who ruined their lives (by dying) of an opium overdose.

Sid Vicious
Kurt Cobain
River Phoenix
Jim Morrison
Janis Joplin
John Belushi
Chris Farley
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

You CANNOT control its effects on your life if you go down that road.  If you are even considering this, please watch this short movie and then make the correct decision.  YOUR life depends on it.

To learn more about Adam Stewart, the Eagle Scout that created this video, please visit

Sep 12

8 Reasons to Vote “NO” on Proposition 64 – The Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

By Jim Butler | California Voting

1. Marijuana Is Bad For Children --

Smoking can alter a person's DNA, causing mutations. These mutations can trigger serious illness, including cancer. These mutations can be passed to children and future generations, raising their risks too.

2. Marijuana Is Bad For Youth --

A study,published in the British Medical Journal, found that one in ten people who used cannabis before the age of 15 developed schizophrenia by the age of 26.This compared to three per cent of those teenagers who did not use the drug.

3. Marijuana Is Bad For Adults --

We’ve all heard the marijuana “gateway drug” theory when it comes to teens, and more and more evidence is emerging that supports it. But a new study shows that marijuana may be a gateway to drug and alcohol problems for adult users, too. In a study,Cannabis users were at significantly higher risk for developing drug and alcohol disorders by the time of the follow-up interview than those who did not report pot use in the initial interview.

4. Marijuana Is Bad For Habitual Users --

There's a new report out on longtime marijuana use from U.C. Davis. And it's bad news for habitual users. In summary: The report on marijuana use found that 52% of middle-class frequent users“experienced downward mobility” compared to only 14% of non-users. “Regular long-term users,” Professor Cerda stated, “also had more antisocial behaviors at work, such as stealing money or lying to get a job, and experienced more relationship problems, such as intimate partner violence and controlling abuse.”

5. Marijuana Is Bad For Drivers --

Fatal crashes involving drivers who recently used marijuana doubled in Washington after the state legalized the drug, according to the latest research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Marijuana can affect driver safety by impairing vehicle control and judgment,” continued Marshall Doney, AAA’s President and CEO. “States need consistent, strong and fair enforcement measures to ensure that the increased use of marijuana does not impact road safety.”

6. Marijuana is Bad for Colorado --

Since legalization the state has seen spikes in homelessness, dependence on social services,marijuana related DUI crashes, marijuana related medical emergencies (including children overdoses), and hospitals losing millions of dollars treating uninsured users.

7. Marijuana Is Bad For You --

Regardless of your age, there is nothing about legalizing recreational marijuana that is positive for you, your family or your community.

8. Marijuana Is Bad For California --

Like other states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes. we can expect the same negative impacts.We can also expect the long term consequences of marijuana usage. In addition, Prop 64 does not contain the driving safeguards that are needed to protect our highways or the guarantees that will prevent advertisements, or provide security and integrity throughout the entire process from growing to retail.

Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Is A Bad Idea For All Of California.


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